The Lighthouse


On Sunday Sunday July 3 2016 there was an opportunity to got some different images of the iconic lighthouse at Beachy Head.

The once a year event was to raise money for the painting of the lighthouse and local charities, and takes places when when a low spring tide occurs at the right time and during daylight hours.

Hundreds of people, including me, made the walk along the rocky beach to get up close and personal with the lighthouse.

In terms of photography it was fantastic. The deep blue sky was decorated with high wispy clouds that really added to the images.

I took a lot of photos of course, but the most pleasing ones were taken with a wide angle lens a couple of inches above some of the rockpools close to the lighthouse. Those images captured the lighthouse and it's reflection in the pool, and the gorgeous sky.

I also took a few videos, rather wobbly ones, that I've uploaded to youtube.....