Get Me to the Church on Time

The Location ...
Someone posted on Facebook a few images of a derelict church in Sussex. So after finding out exactly where it was, I set off at the weekend to grab some shots. It's a pretty amazing sight when you first see it, and it seems to be in a rather odd spot on the side of a hill.

The Idea ...
So a few weeks later I was back at the church, this time with with lovely model Jess who I'd worked with before, and make up artist Jemma to create a Gothic themed shoot.

Jess had come well prepared with a back wig and some great outfits, and I'd acquired some coloured smoke grenades(see link below).

The Set Up....
I used two off camera flash units triggered from a transmitter on top of the camera. One bare flash was directly behind Jess to light up the smoke, and the other was in a softbox in front and just off to one side.


The set up worked well. Despite it being a sunny day, there was enough power in the speedlights to get the look I wanted.

We tried various coloured grenades , as well as white, but my preference was for the images using the blue smoke. We also found that putting the smoke behind the model was much better than having it blow into her face!

Additional Information

Photographer Colin Evans
Model : Jess
Make up Artist : Jemma

Smoke grenades were 'Enola Gaye' wire pull type.
The cheapest place I found for them was a company in Darlington