Morning Mist in Bushy Park

Sometimes everything just falls nicely into place ....

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On Monday 10th October 2016 I was off work for the day and set off early for Bushy Park. It's one of my favorite locations as it's fairly local and the gates are open at 6.30am, well before sunrise at this time of year.

The forecast the night before looked good ... a clear sky, cold,  and a misty start to the morning ... just perfect!

When I arrived at the park I could see a layer of mist hanging above the bracken and rising from the lake, and within 15 minutes I was at the edge of the Log O Mutton Pond, camera at the ready.....

I was surprised to see quite a lot of other photographers in the park so early in the morning. Most of them had come armed with lenses as long as telescopes to photography the deer during the Autumn rut.

I did grab a few shots of the deer as the light was amazing but couldn't tear myself away from the lake,.

I kept the camera on a tripod for the morning and used a 5 second timer so that the camera would be as still as possible while taking the shot.

The only problem was the birds on the pond which would leave streaks on the lake if they were moving during a long exposure. I haven't taught ducks how to keep perfectly still yet!


The first shots I took were very pleasing but as the sun started to appear on the horizon it shone through the mist turning it a golden yellow and then a brilliant white.


It soon became too bright to take photos looking directly at the sun so I move around the edge of the lake until the sun and it's reflection were behind the trunk of one of the trees on the far bank.


The light shining through the branches and reflecting on the lake was just astonishing.


I'll keep taking photographs for the remaining 3 months of the year, but I doubt if I'll have a morning to match this one ....


Enjoy the Video .....