I run two special night events all year round.

The first is a light painting session using a PIxelstick., and the second is a Wire Wool Spinning Event

Each event last 2.5 hours and costs £20 per person with a minimum of 4 participants, and a maximum of 10

Email me via the contact page if you'd be interested in booking either of these events.

Light Painting with a PIxelstick

Light Painting with a PIxelstick

The Pixelstick is this: a 6-foot long narrow “stick” covered in LEDs that can be manipulated via the attached controller to “print” colors and images in the air which are captured by a camera using an exposure of 5 seconds or more.

Images can be added to the device via a memory card so I ensure that every event is different.

Wire Wool Spinning

Wire Wool Spinning

Wire wool spinning is a fantastic event during which you'll be able to capture some amazing images in you camera set to a long exposure.

I supply all the equipment and know some good safe locations at which to hold the event.