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I've always had an interested in photography. It came from my dad who was an excellent amateur photographer, but sadly he passed away when I was very young so I wasn't able to learn from him.

I've been on courses and workshops, read books, and watched as many tutorials on youtube as my eyes could stand. Above all else though, I went out with my camera and practiced, there really is no substitute for getting out there and learning how it all works.

I've always enjoyed landscape and nature photography, but working with people has been fantastic, and that's now the kind of photography I enjoy the most.

Please take a look around my site, and send me a message if you're interested in anything I have to offer.

For Dad


I have two Nikon bodies and a good selection of Nikon and Sigma lenses.
I also have speedlights, umbrellas, reflectors and other light modifiers.

Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Google Nik Collection of Filters
Topaz Labs Filters
Portrait Professional Pro